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Gygan Reign


The Tale of Mismatched Max

xbox kinect


physical sandbox interface

Mind Blow

eye tracking: levitation

Project Proposal:

Crowdsourcing Missing Persons

Dragon The Imp

one brave raver


Animation about the paths we choose

Jump Drive and Wail!

A robotic animated short

2D Traditional Art


Mantis Lizard

It's a praying mantis and a lizard

Cyclical Nature

A Canimation

Human 3D Model


About Me

Hey! I'm Jonathan Ahnert and I make games. Throughout my studies at Carnegie Mellon and Drexel University I have gained a deeper knowledge of game design theory. During my internship at Zynga I had my first exposure to game creation within the constraints of industry. I found the people exceptional and look forward to making a career alongside them.
As a designer, I bring all the practices of my life into my problem solving processes. My involvement in the Swing and Blues dancing communities over the past 5 years is perhaps the most prominent of these practices. Dancing involves a high level of listening to both the music and your partner and rewards creativity and playfulness while fostering body awareness and musicality.


Contact Details

If my work interests feel free to contact me, I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

San Francisco, CA

Telephone: 814 404 8764
Email: ahnertjonathan@gmail.com
Skype: jonathan.ahnert

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